About Us

Helping customers maximize their ROI in IT investments



Our focus is to maximize your ROI in IT investments. We want every business, big or small, to enable IT as a means to achieve outstanding success.


Our mission is to take every business on cloud and minimize IT wastage. Having seen businesses wasting enormous resources on IT and think that IT is a burden, we want to completely change that perspective. 

One size never fits all and we provide simple, high performance, cost-effective, customized solutions. Our expertise is to provide solutions to drive better business outcomes in lesser time and with fewer resources.


Hiren Dossani, Founder

A hands-on technical solution provider with a proven track record of designing and implementing secure, reliable, scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, mission critical enterprise applications.
Successful track record of working with Fortune 500 clients. From implementations and integrations to support and testing, work shoulder-to-shoulder with enterprises to ensure their deployment is accurate, secure, and successful.