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Supervised Machine Learning Workshop

Online Weekend Course

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About the event

ObjectSoft Consultants is launching Supervised Machine Learning workshop with an intent to make it simpler and easily understandable for the audience. The topic is widely used in the industry and every data science job needs thorough understanding about its concepts. The workshop is conducted by Sr. Data Scientist, who has an excellent blend of academic career and industry experience, across the planet. The best way to learn any complex topic is to involve yourself. This is a hands-on workshop suitable for beginners to advanced learners. After taking this workshop, participants will have a detailed understanding of  supervised learning, regression, classification, building models using python, checking model accuracy and its application in variety of use cases, architectures and industrie


  • Learn by involving yourself

  • Detailed and thorough explanation of concepts with group discussions

  • Zero gap in what you learn and what's used in industry

  • Workshop conducted by Senior Data Scientist

  • Solving Kaggle challenges as your take away

  • Affordable pricing, limited number of students, comfortable, convenient schedule


Introduction to Supervised Learning

  • What is Supervised Learning ?

  • How does supervised learning work ?

  • Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning

  • Supervised Learning Algorithms

Regression And Classification

  • Building the right model

  • Model Accuracy

  • Regression concepts and Examples

  • Classification concepts and examples

  • Group Discussion on Regression Examples

  • Intuitive understanding of optimization methods

  • Introduction to loss function and optimization methods ( gradient descent, stochastic gradient descent, batch SGD, momentum, Adam optimizer)

Hands-on Lab

  • Environment Setup for Coding in Python

  • Understand the Dataset

  • Training Data Versus Test Data

  • Building the model

  • Scaling the Features Using scikit Learn

  • Interpreting Results


Knowledge of Python

Basics of Statistics, Linear algebra and Calculus



Cancellation Policy

100% 1 day before event

Meet The Instructor

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Senior Data Scientist at Gramener

Join the learning session and conversation about Supervised Machine Learning with the industry professionals

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